Coming Soon to a Charming Charlie’s Near You…

I hardly thought this would be my Thanksgiving post.

In my own naïve way, I suppose that I imagined it to be much like the picture-perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

A little yum.  A little frazzle. A little holler n’ hoot.

But hey, let’s be real, life is not about picture-perfect.

In fact, being tossed a few curve balls is just blessedly part of the deal.

Especially when you throw the opening pitch and say,

“So, how are we doing here?  You think I can rehab to being released cane-free?  I mean I promised you guys that if I couldn’t get there, I’d use one, especially through the ice and snow season…”

Her brown eyes could have said it alone but she left no doubt with a kindness I can’t even write,

“Sara, I think you already know the answer.”


I forced a little giggle and rebounded with, “Do they have any fabulous and flashy canes?  I’m thinking zebra print here.  My friend and I have actually thought of creating a line for Charming Charlie’s.”

“Just imagine a fabulous fedora and purse in the same color as your cane!  It. Would. Be. Legendary.”

She smiled softly and even played a long a bit.

Just like I knew she would.

With a “Happy Thanksgiving!” and a hug, I walked out.

Now, I am not even kidding you when I say everyone who is a patient at KU Med with a cane was in the hallway as I left the spine center.


I half-expected a musical flash mob to break out in something epic, like “Lean on Me.”


THIS is what I think about.

I don’t cry.  I don’t grump.  I don’t head straight for the coffee cart.

I create a musical with canes, the elderly and me in my blessed, tired head.

And I’m worried about some muscle weakness in my LEG?!?!?!?!?!?

Um, brain scan, please!!!!


Now I’ll admit, the tears did come.

Because let’s be honest, having to buy a cane on Black Friday is kind of crappy.

And admitting it’s going to be around permanently is even crappier.

But when you see me out and about with a cane in the icy snow or on rainy days, THIS is what I need you to know. THIS is what I need you to see. THIS is what is going to keep all of us from feeling sorry for anyone:

Jesus is good.

Jesus is faithful.

Jesus is kind.

Even when you fight like a boss, show up faithfully and give it your all, but still go home with a cane…

Jesus is just full-on, point-blank IT.

Even when you are mad or sad or all-out musical-revue-in-your-head cuckoo…

Jesus still holds, still conquers, still meets you in IT.

Even when…

…He is.


So while this might not be the story I thought I’d write today, it is the one He needed from me.

If only because it reminds my heart that Jesus is…

Full-on, like-a-boss, point-blank.


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