This Side of Eternity

Cormany2Let me tell you the story of an audacious prayer…

One that was whispered by a weary, world-worn mama,

Nearly two-and-half years ago to the day.

Lying in an ICU bed with an empty belly and a broken heart…

Knowing her very life was at stake when she offered these words,

“Jesus, please.”

“Please don’t let it end this way.”

Over and over and over again she spoke them.

Even into the months ahead…

She asked to feel little feet flutter within her once more.

She begged to hold a newborn that she had carried one last time.

She pled for a miracle, if that is what it would take.

But then other words came…

Infertility.  Ovarian Failure.  Uterine scarring.

13 Fibroids.

History of stroke.

Cormany4And she began to accept the facts, the numbers and the impossibilities.

She weighed the statistics and the possible outcomes and the warnings.

She released her pleading, absolutely believing that her arms would be filled…

Even with a baby she had carried…

But it would have to wait until eternity came.

And then her Father said, “Watch. This.”

In but a breath, He bested infertility and ovarian failure and a messed-up belly.

He knocked the socks off of the statistics and probabilities.

And He created a miracle in the very depth of her brokenness…

Yes, she knew that the road would be long and hard and downright scary.

Yes, she knew that she would have to trust Him in a way that she had never done before.

And yes, she knew that September would continue to feel a million miles away.

But even in that knowledge, her heart was flooded with an unabashed JOY.

For her Father had heard her whispered cries.

And in His love and grace and absolute mercy,

He had given her the longing of her heart.

In the most unexpected and beautiful of ways…

On this side of eternity.Cormany5

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