I Have My Moments…

A giggle danced over her words as she said, “This one’s going to be a heartbreaker.  Just check out the cleft in his chin!”


But all I could see as the nurse handed you to me was an impenetrable gaze that I hadn’t seen in the bassinet.  You, checking me out as if to say,“Lady, you better be a bowl full of fun, because let me tell you something, sister…”


“I’m gonna show you what a killer smile can do.  Even when I write on the walls for the twentieth time or call 911 before the ripe old age of two, all I’ll have to do is flash a grin and you will magically forget that there was anything to forgive in the first place.”


“I’ll dutifully endure sibling “love.” And even when my sis draws magic marker hair on my bald little head, I’ll be totally chill.  Because truth is, my hair will be even better than her’s someday.”


“I’ll give you a lesson in all things boy.  We climb walls.  We laugh at anything that includes the word poop or underwear or involves passing gas.  AND WE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR FOOD.”


“Sometimes, you’ll wonder whether I am Drew or Spiderman or the Incredible Hulk.  Just know that no matter who I am, you are my first best girl.  And seriously, Mom, this will NEVER change.”


“I’ll be a good bro.  Just expect that there will be days I need some man cave time.  But also know, when I think you’re not looking, I’ll be the little guy with his arm around his sister saying, “You did a great job playin’ basketball today, Grace.”


“And I’ll try not to say this one too loud, but shoot, I’ll even dance with Snow White.  I’ll tell her she’s the most beautiful princess in the world.  And I’ll even answer back when she calls me her best friend with a whispered, “You’re mine too, Soph.”

snow white

“I’ll turn your world on its head most days. (God told me you needed this.) But more than anything, Mom, I’m always gonna crack you the hoot up.”


Then you snuggled down into my neck and closed your eyes as if to say, “Let the adventure begin…”


Fast forward to today as we sit together. Eating birthday cookies with Nana at our dirty kitchen table. And I notice that cleft in your chin as I think of the nurse’s giggle and say,“Dude, you’re kind of amazing.”

Not missing a beat, you answer back, “I have my moments.”

Now my own giggle fills the air as I softly reply, “From the day you were born, son.”

“From the day you were born…”


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