Sending the Bully Home


Photo by Maria Morris


“Mommy, I am being bullied…and it is hurting my heart…”

I couldn’t tell you what exactly drew my gaze as she spoke those words.

Perhaps it was the look in her big brown eyes.  Perhaps it was the crazy, adult verbalization from a 3-year-old who is normally good with a loud scream.  Perhaps it was her tone or the way her whole body melted into mine as she climbed up onto my lap.

But something made me take my attention from a long-awaited adult conversation and ask,

“What words are hurting your heart, Sophie?”

“They said I am different, Mommy.”

And with that quiet answer, a sniffle and a snuggle, she climbed down and headed back to the overrun play place. Now normally, I would have returned to my conversation but something gnawed at me.  Something in my own heart kept my eyes squarely on her.

I watched as she tried to defend herself with her words against those twice her age.  I watched as she withdrew and came back to the booth to retreat into a book.  I even watched as she tried to reengage once more with her mama-bear, big sister defending her.

And even in a few places in-between, watching was not enough so I came to her rescue, employing my fiercest “mom” look and a few carefully chosen admonitions.

But in spite of all that effort, something changed in her…

Guest posting today for my sweet friend, Lori Fairchild and her blog, Everyday Truth.  To read more, just go to:

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