This was not the post I should have written.

The post I should have written was poignant and witty and a crazy slice of real life. It will be written, I assure you. Such hilarity deserves to be written.

But tonight, tonight my hands are arthritic and tired as is most of the rest of me.

So tonight, I will just give you what I can…


The song that is my soundtrack, my jam, my score these days.

I go to the hospital. It’s on. I go to the…well, shoot. I am really not going anywhere else…

Except for the trip to Walmart 10 minutes ago. A trip where I sat in the car while my love grabbed some baby food.  A trip where even with someone in the backseat yelling, “STOP TOUCHING ME!” I still managed to ugly cry all over the place.

But I guess anthems are like that.

A refrain that unlocks something deeper within. A truth that touches the rawest part of your soul. A sweet reminder that begs to be spoken in song or in the always whispered words of a most beautiful friend.

Jesus. Is. Coming.

The only three words that can salve my heart in a way that does not beg of overspirituality. The only three words that leave room for pain and hard and disappointment and struggle but lift just as they give permission for the tears.

He. Is. Coming.

No masks. No veils. No pretenses.

Just the face my heart knows so well.

Yes, tonight.

Tonight, it’s just this…

Jesus. Is. Coming.

And. I. Can’t. Even.


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