Dear Readers

wp-1452875708275.pngTwo years ago, I began this little blog as a way to not only preserve the memories I often lose to the effects of my stroke but to also communicate to my babies who I am and who I love should a day come that I am unable to tell them myself.

So I shared our little life and our ups and downs and it was good.

But as so often happens, God has taken what is good and turned it into something better, into a story so rough and tumble and beautiful that it can only speak the name of Jesus.

In a miracle baby. In a Daddy’s Homegoing. In a body’s crazy shenanigans.

All testament to His unending grace.

And so it is that I share with you a new name and a new design for this little a story. A promise tucked quietly in bright and beautiful colors. A hope that can be said outloud even in the craziest of storms…


One that will come in both the hard and the hilarious. One that will see a new day as a chance to love each other, make mistakes and be forgiven. One that is so incredibly personal it will take your breath away.

And so it is within that gift, I pray that our mess, our imperfection, our laughter and our tears will bring you hope in knowing that if this crazy crew can claim His grace as our own, so can you and yours.

With all my love,


New design courtesy of Maria Morris.

4 thoughts on “Dear Readers

  1. Marie says:

    I love the new look, and I’m glad to hear your beautiful words aren’t going anywhere. Love you Sara!
    PS. The picture is gorgeous too. 🙂

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