Goodbye For Now

Two years ago, I sat with a copy of The Giving Tree beside me and a keyboard in front of me. The words that would eventually come were more than a simple accompaniment to a book that would serve as keeper of the names of those at his celebration of life. They were instead a simple goodbye for now, the sweet words my Daddy would say at the end of every voice message he left. Now two years closer to a sweet hello, they still say all that he is and was to those he loved so very well…

521A beautiful man deserves a beautiful tribute.

One that simply says, “He breathed love into our little world.”

And every day, Dr. Larry Romang breathed love.

Some days, it was in the little things.

The quiet way he walked his best girl to the car every morning before work. The patient heart he had as he planted flowers with his grandbabies. The phone messages he would leave his kids that would go on and on as if he couldn’t bear to say goodbye.

Some days, it was in the mundane things.

The gas tanks he filled. The bills he paid. The shifts he worked. The shoes he tied. The face he shaved. And the hair he combed.

Some days, it was in the big things.

The commitment he had to advocating for those with special needs. The courage it took to not only save lives in the emergency room but also to lose them. The legacy he drew with every student he mentored and loved and launched into the medical community. And the faith he had in Jesus that poured out into everything he did…




But some days still, his love was in the things that were only special to us.

Be it in green coffee cups or pink watches or shelled peanuts. Be it in funny noises or inside jokes or hallway lights. Be it in kidneys ‘n kisses or weird stuff or the way he hung the moon.

Each little thing was a gift that made sure we knew we were loved beyond reason.




So as we honor this precious husband, daddy and pop-pop, it only makes sense that we would do so in the context of the unconditional love he gave us each and every day. We are all better for it. For in so many ways, much like the boy and his giving tree, this man’s love has quietly built us, sheltered us and sent us out to love those he couldn’t reach on his own.

And even as we rest our weary, homesick hearts on the foundation of our memories, we know he’s happy.

Playing with grandbabies, joking with his dad and walking with Jesus…

One simple, beautiful step at a time.


Larry closed his eyes in this world and opened them in the presence of Jesus on July 2nd, 2014.  He was greeted by two grandbabies, his mama and his daddy.  His legacy of love here on earth continues through his wife of forty years, Karen Romang; his son, Captain David Romang, USMC; his daughters, Sara Cormany, Abby Romang and Beth Reynolds; and his beloved grandbabies, Grace Elisabeth, Stormie Lenore, Andrew Michael, Sophia Marie, Luke Andrew and Madeleine Joy.  His final act of love on this earth was in becoming an organ donor and in the words of his grandson, Drew, for those of us left behind, “That makes him a superhero!”


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