Carrying Boo Boos

grace-mad_editedMe. The Stairs. Um, no.

I try. Heaven bless me, I try.

But here’s pretty much how it goes…

I pause for a moment with a little mental YOU CAN DO IT! And then with reckless abandon, an oomph, an ugh and an occassional Whoa, there. I dive in. Think that I am exaggerating?

Spend some time with the two-year-old and wait until she climbs the stairs. She will ugh and oomph up to the second floor as if she was carrying a bowling ball instead of only her tiny bird-like frame. I’ve decided to embrace it as precious because really…

Just bless it all.

And know that when my Sophie-girl slipped up the stairs to take my hand today, I immediately thought, Thank you, Jesus, that the elementary school is one floor or I might just have nightmares about this one climbing the stairway with a booming, “Thank you, LAWD, I made to the top!!!”

This played out in my head just long enough that I was delighted to be interrupted by a little voice saying, Hey, mom?

Yes, love?

I’m here to help you!

With total sweetness not discounted, my mind began to play out all the possible help scenarios that would add to the counseling this girl will need at my expense. That is, until these words mercifully fell out of my mouth, Help me with what?

I’m here to help carry your boo-boos.

And there I stopped.

Stopped caring about the stairs. Stopped caring about my awkwardness. Stopped caring about my witty comebacks. Stopped caring about anything other than the seven words spoken.

I’m here to help carry your boo-boos.

This little girl had seen my struggle.

She didn’t come in trying to fix me or hurry me or pass me by. She saw me, she joined me in it. She picked up my hurt so I knew I wouldn’t be alone in the hard things ahead.

And truthfully?

It all unraveled me to a little pile of mush on the same darn stairs.

This. World.

This. Place.

This. Time.

This. Story.

Needs us to see.

See the struggle, the hurt, the boo-boo. See the person next to us who needs our hands if only to hold in that moment. See the wisdom of silence, the grace of joining hard things, the love that picks up another’s hurt and carries it to the end.

He did no less.

He saw. He joined. He loved.

He held out His hand and picked up the hurt of others in His deepest brokenness to show us how to see a world He loves.

A world that needs a little less passing-by and a little more Sophie-kind of love. One that reaches out and says, “I’m here!”

Holding out hands. Reaching into hearts. Ready to carry whatever comes.

No matter what.

One thought on “Carrying Boo Boos

  1. Sue Powell says:

    Tears…as the Holy Spirit has used your words..and your ‘brokenness’ to expose a deep,and hidden struggle…the ‘walk thru the pain’ with some deeply loved Sister-friends in this MFC group…as I contemplated the very real loss of their presence in my life,and in the lives of all who need them (children) family,other dear friends…my ‘instinct’ was to ‘draw back and away from ‘loving them too much’,getting to know them ‘too well’….*trying to ‘guard my heart’ from breaking over and over again,as each one struggles for ‘more time’. He has told us to ‘weep with those who weep’..hurt for those who hurt.And I do. I have never wept over ‘virtual strangers’ so much in my life! (and I’m 67). Sophie-love. Unafraid.Accepting.This is how He wants us all to respond.I know that now. He used your story to ‘confirm it’.”Thank you”,and your Sophie-girl. I will ‘walk with them’ all the way.I love you dearly.

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