Saying Goodbye To Say Hello

cnadlesFive years ago today, I was dying of septic shock. My body could not let go of what my heart would not…

Our precious, almost-April baby.

It is a day that will always leave me torn.

Torn because it marks the day that my sweet babe and I had to say hello so we could say goodbye. Torn because it was also the day God worked miracle upon miracle to spare my life. Torn because today is still a day of pain in a place of so much mercy.

So. Torn.

And. Yet.

I know the conversation isn’t over.

I know another one is coming. I know that my daddy is continuing the conversation I began. And I know the love my heart feels is being given to both by the One I love the most.

So today, I will honor the day we said hello to say goodbye. But in that honor, I will also hold tightly to the promise that one day…

I’ll get to say goodbye to say hello.

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