About Sara

wp-1452875708275.pngLove Jesus. Love my family. Love my journey and the people in it. Blessed to be a stroke survivor, chronic illness fighter, mama to four and wife to one sweet man.

This little blog started as a love letter to my littles but as in many things in life, it has grown into something else entirely. It has become our story. Our crazy, life-filled, hilarious, tear-stained story.

Some days are hard. Some days are a hoot. Some days are I-don’t-even-know-what.  But one thing remains the same…grace. 

Each and every day is always grace.


7 thoughts on “About Sara

  1. Ramona says:

    Do you have a way to follow your blog or can you be followed on FB? I’m in the Mundane Faithfulness community but I have never seen your writings until Blythe just sent out your guest post. Your writings remind me of Kara’s…touching my heart. Thank you for that. Ramona

  2. saracormany says:

    Ramona, you are so kind! Thank you for those sweet words of encouragement! I sent you an email that should explain how to receive future posts. Much love to you! ~S

  3. lonejack says:

    Hi Sara,
    You see me as Lonejack. No, I’m not alone, I have a wonderful Bride of 50 years and a family that loves me. I have taken the name, “Lonejack,” because it is a bald-faced peak in a short mountain range where Our Lord nurtured me in Northern Idaho. In decades past, I spent many an hour there just sitting and looking out over the Palouse Plateau.
    I am one of the very few male members of Mundane Faithfulness. I came to, “Mundane,” because of Tara’s blog, and because Our Lord, whispered that I should come to a place where I can focus His healing on others. I love Facebook because it allows me to reach where and when He prompts me all over the world.
    I am a, “Necrotizing Fasciitus, The Flesh Eating Disease,” survivor. I am here in this world only because Our Lord chose me to stay and be His light in my part of this dark world. I owe Him My life, as we all do if we were to admit it.
    OK, This is a long winded introduction to say that I loved Your post today, and especially love the song You loaded along with Your blog.
    Yes, nights can be SOOOO long. I have a very hard time sleeping, I will sit up tonight and reach out for You. When You are alone and it feels as though You are totally alone; just reach out You hand and know that I am here.
    Some day I will tell You of the research I have done on the human mind and the power Our Lord gives us.
    Nuf Said,,
    Luv You, Paul.

    • saracormany says:

      Paul, thank you so much for sharing this part of your journey with me! Thank you so much for faithfully praying for and encouraging those of us who are struggling in MFC. Luv you too! 🙂

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